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We are the first and only website that provides all of the facts on climate change.  We also provide a few conclusions based on these facts.  Here are the conclusions:


Geophysical (earth) changes occur.  Geophysical changes are caused by a complex (group) of factors (“natural forces”).  These factors are climate, earthquakes, volcanoes, air composition, etc., etc.  The main conclusion is:


Climate change is NOT caused by man; for example, in part, by car emissions.


The secondary conclusion is:


Pro man-made climate change scientists are NOT scientists.


While we have been involved with the study of climate change for 40 years, we are just beginning to develop our website.  Now, here is our Geophysical Change Database or "GeoCloud" for short.  GeoCloud currently contains one million facts relating to the subject of so-called "climate change."  For now, GeoCloud is only available to Hub Premium Members.  Enter GeoCloud here (you must have our “HPM Browser Plugin” installed in your browser to access GeoCloud):



We will be granting everyone access to GeoCloud and expanding both website and GeoCloud content as soon as possible and in response to GeoCloud user and website visitor needs.

Climate Scientists' Positions

Climate Scientists' Positions

What The Bible Says About Apocalyptic Climate Change

The Bible has a lot to say about climate change. Here are the key points:
Genesis 8:22: While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.
For now, we will concentrate on this key point:
While the earth remaineth..cold and heat...shall not cease.
This verse says that cold and heat will never end. In context, the Lord is talking about normal cold and heat, cold and heat that occur throughout each year. Therefore, the words above mean:
While the earth remains, normal cold and heat throughout each year will continue.
In other words:
While the earth remains, there will be no apocalyptic climate change.




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